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Our Story

House of Zoe Africa Limited is a diversified multimedia and entertainment company with specialization in audio-visual production, content creation, photography, event management and business development. The company was birthed in 2011 out of a passion for growth, innovation and excellence particularly with a vision to harness the numerous opportunities in the emerging African entertainment market. The name ‘Zoe’ originates from the Greek; meaning life. Life they say is art so house of life is house of art. Our symbolic mask logo is inspired by an ancient African artifact originally from the ancient Dogon tribe of West Africa. It is a symbolic representation of strength, passion, and originality which sums up the essence of HOZ .

Since we commenced business in 2012, HOZ has already started setting revolutionary trends in the industry; particularly in music, digital publication and film. . Fuled by raw passion, discipline and a desire to continually innovate , the future of HOZ  is focused on developing world class brands, products and services which will be sustainable and profitable using strategy and intelligence for the African market.



Our People

Terver Malu


Ogbonnaya Chukwudi

Creative Director

Sola Oladebo

Music Director & Talent Manager

JO King

Production Associate