Music Production/Artist Development:

Our music arm; HOZ Music has been responsible for numerous award winning albums, singles and music videos. Our crop of professinals are well rounded and experienced to handle everything from artist development, music production , A&R, talent managment and business development

Marketing & Media Planing:

We are able to conceptualize and execute cutting edge marketing campaigns for brands and organizations based on a cultivated understanding of their brand essence, and a tailor-made application of that essence in a cost-effective end-user oriented fashion.

original content development
Original content development:

As our own platforms have shown, we are able to help brands create and develop original content that will connect with their audiences.  As an Ideas Think Tank, we help create specific content to suit your brand and piggyback your communication strategies.

project management
Project Management:

Our team of experienced project managers who have handle different portfolio’s and magnitude of projects are able to plan, co-ordinate and execute your project from inception to finish.We know that an off the shelf solution might not be ideal for you and so we work closely with our clients and their budget to enable them achieve maximum visibility and output

Information Technology:

Through our strong Digital Subsidiary, we are able to provide the full range of digital and design solutions and to integrate them for your benefit i.e Websites, graphic designs, technical support and online marketing.

multimedia production
Multimedia production:

From concept to production, our experience ranges from full feature film to reality shows,documentary, digital publication,photography, audio production, animation, short films to industry programming.



Our Brands



Manswersonline is Africa’s premiere men’s digital publication. It covers a wide array of subject like sports,cover girl, health & fitness, lifestyle, Travel and mostly topics of male interest.

100 models

100 Models:

100 models is a professional talent management agency representing a variety of talent from different fields like Athletes, Actors, Models, Screen writers, composers, song writers etc.

african art house

African Art House:

The African Art House in an online art gallery where indigenous African artist cans exhibit and sell the works online.

hoz music

HoZ Music:

This is the music arm of the company that handles everything from music production to A& R, business development, marketing and promotions, publishing etc.

hoz films

HoZ Films:

The movie arm of the company. We specialize in full feature films, documentaries, TV series and we develop original content for TV.

hoz publishing

Hoz publishing:

Hoz publishing handles the production of literature, music and information including digital media.